How to Write Effective Content for your Website

Writing effective content

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing to ensure that their customers get the best possible results for their searches. SEO “tricks” are no longer an effective method to improve your ranking in searches. This means that one of the only ways to rank higher is to be the most relevant site for a particular search. Many companies are now in a bit of a scramble to figure out exactly how to do this. A good place to start is to put lots of quality content on your website. This ensures that your website is being visited more often and your content is being shared more freely on social media. Both of these are vital to improve your search engine ranking.
The question remains: how do you write quality content for your website?

  1. Write about your products/services. You should write at least one article for each of your products and services. Don’t use this as another opportunity for a sales pitch. Give your consumers more information. For example, if you are selling a range of skin care, each article should be about the benefits of the certain ingredients in your skin care.
  2. Be relevant. Write about upcoming events that are relevant to your industry. If you are a language school and there is an upcoming foreign language film festival, write an article about some of the most well known actors that will appear in the festival.
  3. Try different styles of writing. Everybody is different and we all have different preferences. Some people like reading stories while others just want to read lists. If you have a range of different writing styles, you will appeal to a wider range of people. For example, if you are a travel website, you could include stories, must do lists, 24 hours in (Barcelona) or top tips.
  4. Proofread. Make sure that you have proofread everything that you publish online. If you make silly mistakes on your content, your credibility could be compromised. Just imagine if you were selling organic produce and you misspelled “organic”.
  5. Photos. If you have gone through and written some thought provoking and engaging content, that still might not be enough. Our society is becoming ever more visual and people often need some sort of photo to pique their interests. If you are writing about the damage that the sun can have on your skin, include some photos of sun damaged skin. This will also help to drive your message home.

One of the most important things to improve your search engine ranking is to make sure that you are regularly adding relevant content to your website. This shows that you are active and engaging with your users. Many people today are time poor and this can be a struggle for many companies. This is why there are companies out there like Online Uprising that can help you by writing and updating the content for you.

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