Why is content so important?

04 Mar 2014
by Joseph Ramsey
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If you ever find yourself doing some research as to how to boost your website’s ranking on search engines, you will always hear about content. Behind optimising your site for usability and crawlability, having good, quality content is the single largest factor for improving your SEO. ¬†Why is it so important?

Search Engine Ranking

When you are constantly adding new content , search engines will classify your site as a consistent source of new information. This will help move your web page further up in the rankings. This does not mean that, you can update with poorly written content. For it to have much impact, it still needs to be relevant and useful information.

Social Media

Depending on your industry, it can sometimes be easier to drive more traffic to your social media pages than to your actual website. Use this to your advantage. When you produce good, quality content and share it on social media, you are driving traffic back to your site and increasing your brand’s awareness.

Increased Traffic to your Website

If the content that you are consistently adding to your website is of value to your visitors, they will continue to return on a regular basis for updates. They will also be more likely to share your material on their own social media which in turn drives more traffic back to your site.

A good place to start is by simply adding a blog to your existing webpage. This allows you to share your expertise with visitors and gives you an ideal place to provide company or industry news.

It is possible to drive traffic to your website without much content, but most companies will find it extremely costly. You can substitute creating good quality content with a PPC campaign, which will get results, but will be expensive and not help build your customer loyalty. If you struggle creating good quality content for your website, Online Uprising offers a content creation service.

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