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With the ever changing SEO landscape and Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, it is increasingly difficult to ‘trick’ Google into pushing your site up higher in search engine rankings.  The old school SEO tricks are a thing of the past. This requires a substantial investment in your time. We offer SEO with a difference, in addition to optimising your site, providing engaging content and making sure the right people read it, we issue a comprehensive report each month.

One thing is for certain, the key to better SEO is

  1. Ensuring your site contains content that is relevant and interesting to your visitors.
  2. Making sure the right website are linking to your content
  3. Having an active social media presence.

Who are we?

Online Uprising is a boutique agency specialising in SEO and content creation for websites.  Our goal is to optimise your site, create content that is relevant and engaging to you visitors and ultimately increase organic traffic.

What do we offer?

Online Uprising will optimise your site, ensure the right people know about it, create blog posts, articles or other text based content and provide a comprehensive report each month.  The content will be specifically tailored to your customers or chosen demographic. We then promote and link this blog post online to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your site.

Why choose us?

We are a small agency and only take on a finite number of clients at any one time.  This enables us to offer a unique, personal service.  Your account is managed by one person who is always just an email away.  Each month we discuss and review your current strategy for SEO and content creation to ensure maximum results.


SEO with content creation is priced at $1695 per month for site optimisation, link building and monthly content between 400-600 words. You may want to consider adding our social media management service for complete SEO.

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