A new Facebook layout?

16 Jun 2014
by Joseph Ramsey
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That’s right folks. Facebook is changing again. As of June 13, many business and personal pages will be getting a facelift. Although the new newsfeed looks different, Facebook promises that it is simpler to use and more dynamic than previous versions.

Some of the main changes for this new update are:

News Feed is now all one column. In the previous version, posts were split out over two columns. It looked messy and became confusing as the ordering did not appear to be logical. Facebook has simplified this and everything goes into one column. 

Left hand column is all about your business. Facebook has moved all of the information about your business such as address, reviews and opening hours to the left hand side of the page. You might think that this will be harmful to your business as potential customers won’t be able to see this information straight away. What this actually does is place more emphasis on your posts ensuring that those are in a position of prominence. 

-Easier access to page insights. For business pages, key insights are displayed in the top right hand corner. This makes it easier to see at a glance how your page is doing. Facebook has always made these insights available, but now it is just making them easier to see.

Many people are asking why Facebook continually changes its layout. The simple reason is because Facebook is a business and it wants to improve customer satisfaction. This new design is completely centred on an improved experience for the user. I would venture to guess that this will not be the last change we see from them either.

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