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11 Feb 2014
by Joseph Ramsey

You have done great work attracting people to your company’s Facebook page. You now have over a thousand people who have liked your page. This in itself is cause for celebration. There is one little problem though. You notice that when you post something, your reach is only a fraction of how many people like your page. What gives? Common sense would dictate that everyone of the people who has liked your page should see your updates. Life, unfortunately, is not quite so simple.

Facebook uses a complex algorithm that determines what appears in people’s feed. Facebook’s ultimate goal is to show people posts that are of interest to them so they continue to use the site. The algorithm is based on three variables and with a little knowledge, your company can drastically increase the reach of your posts.


Affinity is basically how often a user interacts with your page. If someone likes your page once and then never returns, their affinity will be quite low and Facebook will only sporadically show your posts to them. On the other hand, if a user likes what they see and likes, shares and leaves comments then they are going to see almost all of your updates.

The lesson to take away from this is that it is important to post engaging content. If you are only sharing promotional material than you are reducing the chance that people will interact with your page. The majority of your posts should be aimed at engaging your followers and once they are regularly interacting with your page, slip in some promotional links. If your affinity is up then there is a better chance that your followers will see your other posts.


Facebook determines the weight of a post based on the way that people have interacted with it. Comments “weigh” more than likes, which means that if there are a few comments on a post, it will have a higher weight. This means that your reach will be much higher.

The types of updates that you share also have different weights. Photos and videos have a much higher weight than external links. Surely, you would have noticed that posts that contain links back to your site have a much lower reach than, say a photo.

Ensure that you are encouraging people to interact with your posts. Include a call to action or try starting a dialogue. For example, you could pose a question to your followers to encourage them to leave comments. Also, include more photos and videos to increase your reach.

Time Decay

The longer a post sits on Facebook, the less likely it is that your followers will see it. You will notice that the only exception to this is if a particular post has a large number of likes and comments. Then it will be deemed to still be relevant and appear in other people’s feeds as well.

In order to not throw away your posts, ensure that you are sharing when your followers are on Facebook. Using Facebook insights, you can determine when your updates are most viewed. Using that information should guide you when scheduling your future posts to ensure maximum impact.

Facebook wants to ensure that it only shows people items that are of interest to them. Using these three variables, you can greatly increase your company’s impact on Facebook.

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