16 Jun 2014
by Joseph Ramsey
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A new Facebook layout?

That’s right folks. Facebook is changing again. As of June 13, many business and personal pages will be getting a facelift. Although the new newsfeed looks different, Facebook promises that it is simpler to use and more dynamic than previous versions.

Some of the main changes for this new update are:

News Feed is now all one column. In the previous version, posts were split out over two columns. It looked messy and became confusing as the ordering did not appear to be logical. Facebook has simplified this and everything goes into one column.  Read more

06 May 2014
by Joel Mein
7 tips to good SEO

Seven Tips to Improving SEO

  1. Content is King: Make sure that your site contains engaging content that your readers want to share. A sure fire way of having your site rank well in search results is to ensure it contains great content. A great place to start is with a blog that is updated at least twice a month. Read more

04 Mar 2014
by Joseph Ramsey
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Why is content so important?

If you ever find yourself doing some research as to how to boost your website’s ranking on search engines, you will always hear about content. Behind optimising your site for usability and crawlability, having good, quality content is the single largest factor for improving your SEO.  Why is it so important?

Search Engine Ranking

When you are constantly adding new content , search engines will classify your site as a consistent source of new information. This will help move your web page further up in the rankings. This does not mean that, you can update with poorly written content. For it to have much impact, it still needs to be relevant and useful information. Read more

19 Feb 2014
by Joseph Ramsey
When is the best time to post on Facebook?

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

To increase the overall exposure and reach of your updates, you need to learn to become strategic about when you decide to post on Facebook. When is the best time to post on Facebook? After all, 50% of a engagement happens in the first 30 minutes. You don’t want to waste your time creating engaging content only to have it seen by 1% of your followers. Read more

11 Feb 2014
by Joseph Ramsey

Edgerank Explained

You have done great work attracting people to your company’s Facebook page. You now have over a thousand people who have liked your page. This in itself is cause for celebration. There is one little problem though. You notice that when you post something, your reach is only a fraction of how many people like your page. What gives? Common sense would dictate that everyone of the people who has liked your page should see your updates. Life, unfortunately, is not quite so simple. Read more

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